F.A.Q and Support Center

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Paid but no credit received

If you made a payment and you did not receive any credit on your VoIP account then please check the statement on your end to see if the money has been transferred to us. Because our payments are handled by an intermediate it is not always possible for us to check the reason of a payment failure. It is possible the money was transferred but not processed, we can only investigate what happened if you send us the complete details by clicking the contact button below to create a customer service ticket. To ensure a fast solution please always add your credit card statement!

Error code during payment process

Many of the payment methods we use are offered to you via third parties (Paypal, credit card gateways etc) therefore we often do not have specific information why a payment failed. If you want us to investigate your payment problem further, please submit a customer service ticket. To speed up the process please add as many details about the payment as possible.

Automatic recharge

There is no automatic charge to your credit card or other payment method. You need to manually top up credits when you run out of balance.

Free credit

To keep service quality high and fair towards our paying customers we do not give out free credits. Please purchase the smallest package if you are not sure about our quality level. We are sure you will not be dissapointed.

Login problem and password reset

Please note: Your VoIP App Data cannot be used for login at the website. If you are having trouble logging in you most likley forgot your password. You can reset your password at the Login screen.

Transfer credits or balance

Please note that transfer of credit from one to another account is not possible.

Call does not connect

We are a VoIP service and usage is depended on a good internet connection. Please make sure you are using 3G or a proper WiFi connection.

Managing contacts on mobile app

Deleting VoIP contacts on your mobile app is not possible, you can only add a contact to the contacts of your mobile device. The app will recognize this new contact automatically and it will appear in the contact list of the app as well.

Change username

You can not change the username. If you want to use another you can only create a new one.

Change country

It is not possible to change the country in your profile. If you move to another country and do not want to create a new account, create a support ticket with your most recent proof of purchase for verification.

Do you have a community forum or a group chat??

Yes we do! We have a Telegram Channel to discuss everything from setting up SIP phones to troubleshooting old Android versions. Unfortunately, due to the recent rise of spam bots you need to contact us to get access!